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Lemon Skunk was bred from two separate Skunk phenotypes that displayed exceptionally zesty lemon traits. The skunky, citrus flavor draws you in immediately, and the happy, energetic buzz will shake you out of any funk. Lemon Skunk is a great strain for combating depression and stress! It is also ideal for medicating against anxieties and minor aches and pains. A great option for your end of the day unwinding smoke.


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Buy lemon skunk vape cart online, Lemon Skunk Vape Cartridges online can be With THC levels that arrive at 22% in certain tests, this is an intense Sativa-substantial hybrid. Lemon Skunk dank vapes, which has a Sativa/indica ratio of 60:40, is the honor winning relative of two particular. Skunk phenotypes that were chosen explicitly for their tart lemon qualities. The fragrance is Skunky and sweet while the flavor is suggestive of sweet lemons and different citrus organic products. Lemon Skunk strain conveys a strong, enthusiastic cerebral high that accompanies an increase in vitality and imagination, a portion of bliss, and a euphoric kick. It’s an elevating yet sluggish experience. The Sativa qualities offer powerful treatment for depression, nausea, chronic pain, and everyday stresses. dank vape carts for sale. Buy lemon skunk vape cart online

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A fairly tall and good-producing plant, Lemon skunk – Dank vapes is exactly what the name sounds like — a heavily citrus-tinged Skunk variety with a potent and relaxing effect.  It has the typical Skunk lime green buds and bright orange pistils, producing frosty, dense, spear-shaped colas. Varies — some are two Skunks crossed, while others are Skunk x Citral. One of the Skunk strains involved in Lemon skunk – Dank vapes (for both companies) came from Las Vegas, Nevada and eventually made its way in some form or another to Amsterdam, where it became part of the breeding projects that produced the final strain.  Lemon skunk – Dank vapes also ended up in Green House Seeds’ two-time Cannabis Cup Winner Super Lemon Haze. Slightly sweet and mentholated lemon (many say “Lemon Pledge”), with a skunky backdrop. dank vape carts for sale online. Buy lemon skunk vape cart online

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Lightly sweet citrus with a floral element. Though it’s sativa-dominant, this is a rather relaxing strain that puts the mind and body at ease. If let go long it can be a little hazy mentally, but normally it’s rather functional, though mostly in more sedentary activities, especially after the first hour or so when it takes a more indica turn. It comes with strong eye/face pressure fluctuations, aids with appetite, and helps with general relaxation, both mentally and physically. Order dank vape carts online

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Lemon skunk – Dank vapes is a tall and fairly branchy plant whose side shoots can rival the cola in overall size and girth at times. It responds fairly well to training and SCROG but most will yield pretty well without it. Some heavy sativa plants will need to be staked, as flowering stretch. Can cause them to triple or quadruple in height. It’s known for having few leaves and being very easy to manicure as well. Buy dank vape carts online